Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Horizons Montessori & School prioritizes creating a harmonious environment where everyone can live and work together peacefully. We achieve this through gently but consistently enforcing a set of easily understood classroom rules. Our goal is to help children develop into responsible individuals who can lead productive lives, resolve conflicts, and care for the environment.

Our teaching materials are carefully designed to promote learning and skill-building in a variety of areas, and are divided into specific learning categories. We recognize that all children learn differently and through different senses, and our activities are designed to engage all of the senses to promote a well-rounded learning experience. Our activities are presented as self-contained units, making them easily accessible to each child. We believe in actively helping each child develop their interests and skills across all areas of learning, even if that requires us to create specialized activities.

Horizons Montessori & School values the importance of providing students with the opportunity to choose their learning style, whether it’s independent work, working with a partner, or in smaller groups. We believe that all learning should be interactive, which is why our students often report that they have learned skills themselves when asked. We are committed to meeting the unique needs of each student, and work closely with families to ensure that every child has the best start in life possible.

Our play-based learning environment is designed to promote a variety of important skills in children, including:

  1. Creativity and imagination
  2. Critical thinking and problem-solving
  3. Collaboration and teamwork
  4. Communication and social skills
  5. Independence and self-confidence
  6. Emotional regulation and self-awareness

We believe that by fostering these skills, we can help our students become well-rounded individuals who are prepared to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Educational AIMS OF HMS

We believe that all members of the school should be equally valued when we teach respect for all. We make every effort to cater for individual differences (in attitude, in personality, in range and mastery of skills, in conceptual development) and provide appropriate opportunity for development. The continually strive to raise achievement in its broadest sense and to give each student every opportunity to realize their full potential and prepare them for the world beyond schools

The aims of the schools are;

  • To provide a place of education in which each student will participate in a wide range of learning opportunities designed to develop the basic skills, knowledge and understanding required by the modern society.
  • To ensure that each student has an awareness of possibilities available to him/her within society
  • To develop an atmosphere within which will flourish self discipline, responsibility to, and awareness of the needs of the others in the School and society in general
  • To show appropriate and proper concern for the demands and expectations of the students, parents and society in general, and to implement the best contemporary education practice.
  • To maintain effective communication with parents concerning the progress of individual student and school life in general.
  • To provide a secure and happy environment within which staff and students can work together to achieve their aims.